Here to Help

When one phones into IST they may have the opportunity to speak to John Morris, one of the IT Support Analysts on the team. As a first point of contact for many requests, John oversees a diverse range of requests from individuals all across the university, “… staff, students, professors, emeritus professors and sometimes even parents …”. As a graduate of the university, he enjoys working on campus and has a natural connection to the environment, “… having been a student here, I like it here …”.

John feels in the right place at IST and finds it to be “… a really really different culture from previous jobs that I’ve had” and describes the department as one that is diligent when following up on requests and genuinely invested in each individual interaction. It fits well with John who is a pro at navigating people through inquiries and enjoys drafting reference materials all with the goal to offer the best assistance possible, “my natural inclination is to want to help”.

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