Helping Us Help Others

When she was twenty years old, Manveen Maadhra moved across the world with nothing but two suitcases and a drive to succeed. What seems a daunting decision to most people was simple to Manveen because of one closely held belief: “Life is too short to just stay in one place, doing one thing.”

It’s a philosophy that’s helped her become IST’s newest HR Assistant. Since starting with the department in August, Manveen has spent her time taking care of all of IST’s HR needs, including recruitment, onboarding, day-to-day tasks, and HR-related questions.

“The most important part of my job is being a resource for the employees,” Manveen claims. “If they have any questions related to their employment or if they have any issues, I’m happy to help them so that they can go out and help other people.”

With previous employers like Red Cross and Scotiabank on her resume, Manveen is used to being part of a large organization. But she says working at the University of Alberta was one of her biggest goals.

“The U of A always stood out because they’re such a good employer, and they’re one of the greenest employers In Canada,” says Manveen. “That’s pretty cool, because we need to take care of our environment and it’s great that universities are taking a lead in that. Plus I always wanted to work in the education sector, so the university was the ideal choice. I love being on campus… it’s such a good vibe here.”


Posted by Sheena Moore