From scaffolding to aquarium cleaning to cell phone sales, Zach Butcher has tackled some diverse jobs. But he says working at the University is unlike any of them. “It’s completely different — the environment, the people, the work,” he claims. “No matter what your position is here, everyone treats you with respect. It’s like a big family vibe.”

Since starting as a Client Support Analyst in June, Zach has kept busy helping IST’s clients solve a variety of IT issues and updating the University’s fleet of Mac computers. However, this isn’t his first role with IST. In January, he took on a contract position with the department. Once that ended, Zach set a goal to work with IST again, this time in a longer capacity. He reached it two months later.

“I’m very motivated,” Zach explains. “I tend to set goals, and I’ll do whatever I can to achieve them. If you set a goal and make a plan to hit your goal, then day by day, you’ll get there.”

So far, Zach finds his teammates to be friendly and cooperative. “We all get along, we all like the same things, and I can go to them whenever I need help,” says Zach. “It’s completely comfortable. You really can’t find that anywhere else.”

Between balancing school and playing football for twelve years, Zach has worked in some unique places. But he says IT is where he’s always wanted to be.

“I’ve taken skills from every job I’ve had, and it’s been amazing learning all these different skills and applying them to my life,” Zach states. “But my hobbies have always been computers and technology. They say if you can make a career out of your hobby, then you’re never working… that’s what I decided to do.”  


Posted by Sheena Moore