Front and Centre

Nathan Willis likes to refer to himself and the other analysts on Kris Lizuck’s Deskside Support team as “the computer mechanics”—“the people that show up by your side when you have problems with your computer or the software that you are using”. Nathan’s clients are primarily faculty members in the Education Centre but he also supports central HR at University Terrace.  His clients often are looking for help with software some of which “is very specialized” such as Sibelius, a music notation software. Although Nathan cannot always teach clients “how to use their specialized software”, he can “help make sure it’s working the way it should”.

Being “front and present” most of the time in the Education Centre, Nathan also fields “a lot of questions from students wandering the hallways”. He often assists students and staff on “learning how to use other pieces of technology”, such as Smart Boards, that can help with lesson plans and more effective teaching. Whether faculty, staff or students, Nathan and IST’s other support analysts “are encouraged to grab the bull by the horns and help out as much as we can”.

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