Freedom to Excel

Adam Perry enjoys his work as a Deskside Support Analyst for Information Services and Technology (IST). He supports several sites ranging from Law to ECHA, NASA, HUB Mall and Arts. His clients “keep him busy and interested” with their different needs and IT requirements. Adam feels luck that he is part of Kris Lizuck’s “excellent team,” Deskside Support 4. The team’s dynamic is “pretty loose,” as its members do not necessarily support the same areas, but they do support each other through email, chat and regular meetings.

Adam’s “love for technology” was inspired by his first computer, a Commodore (circa 1984) which had a keyboard with a cartridge inserted in it. Adam spent many hours as a child “typing” his favourite games onto cartridges so that he could play them on the computer. His interest in IT continued and led him to the computer engineering program at the University of New Brunswick and, from there, to a career in IT. Adam has worked in IT since 2000 for IBM, WCB and, now, the university. His main interests are the infrastructure and networking of computers.

Adam has had many “interesting opportunities and different challenges” working in IT. His current work environment, however, is something special, as he enjoys “very much the freedom and ability to work wherever, however, [he] needs to” at IST.

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