Facilitating Change

With a degree in Computer Engineering, and many years in systems administration, Fernando Andres knows that his “comfort zone is in IT”. And, as a technician in IST’s Data Centre, Fernando brings all his administrative and IT experience to help with the University’s “still continuing objective of [IT] consolidation of departments” through—in part—unifying their servers and adding their infrastructure to IST’s Data Centre.

Fernando’s years of IT experience –17 with HP in Saudi Arabia and 5 with the National Commercial Bank in UAE—afforded him the knowledge and expertise to suggest “to management that there are a lot of things that need to be changed”. And he is happy to have been “given the opportunity to do all those things that I know will make our data centre better”, particularly in the areas of service, availability and standardization.

Although Fernando prefers not to compare his previous workplaces to his work at the University—“it would be like I’m in the hot weather and then I came to the cold weather”—he is impressed by IST’s “work ethic”, and how “everyone is very professional”. He feels that together “we are making something, achieving something”, not just for IST, but for the whole University.

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