Connecting the Dots

Keeping the University connected isn’t always an easy job, but it’s one that Dave Affana is more than capable of handling. As a Cabling Network Analyst, Dave strives to help maintain the University’s extensive network of copper and fibre optic lines, along with the UWS wireless system.

“Keeping the network up and running is the most important part of my job,” says Dave. “If a line goes down in a classroom, then the professors can’t teach and the students can’t learn, so we need to troubleshoot issues as soon as possible..”

Since starting with IST in February, Dave’s work has mostly entailed installing copper and fibre terminations and WiFi access points, as well as an involved project in the CAB third floor labs where he terminated, managed, and labeled 170 lines. So far, he’s found the working environment to be collaborative and friendly.

“I really like being part of IST,” Dave claims. “I like that no matter what team you’re on, everybody is working toward one common goal. I also believe the work we're doing is making a difference. Improving our services and network is vital to keeping students and staff connected.”

Posted by Sheena Moore