The Change Agent

Whether he is buying groceries at the supermarket or analyzing the business procedures of one of his campus clients, Abdullahi Oboh “sees processes in everything”. And as a business analyst for IST, it is essential that he “should be able to ask questions, to know how things are done, be able to visualize processes and document them” so that the technological requirements of his clients can be easily accommodated.

Abdullahi’s background “in government, in telecommunications, in manufacturing”—and more—has given him the skills required to be a strong “liaison between the business and the technology” of his campus clients even though “every industry has its own unique challenges”. Abdullahi feels that “the most important part of [his] job is making people happy”. Having experienced much change in his own life and career, he understands that embracing change can be difficult. This is why he conducts himself as “a change agent”, not “an enforcer”.

Abdullahi is also “a person who can stand change”. Born and educated in Nigeria, he was prepared for many changes when he immigrated to Canada and did not expect that Ontario would be the only place he would live and work. His philosophy has always been that “I preach change, so I should be able to stand change”. However, now that he has arrived at IST and the University, he is prepared to stay a while as he enjoys working in “such a beautiful environment”.

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