Back to School

After a brief work sojourn, first teaching ESL in Vancouver and then selling Apple products in Edmonton, Robbie Medeiros returned to the University of Alberta. Previously, he had been part of the international admissions unit in the Office of the Registrar; now he is a deskside support analyst with Information Services and Technology.

Although Robbie has never thought of himself as a “techie”, he has always been interested in technology and, more importantly, “in learning new things”, an essential attitude for a new deskside support analyst on campus. Also very helpful in “playing catch-up with gaps in his [IT] knowledge” is being part of “a dynamic team” that is happy to answer his many questions. In turn, Robbie helps his team provide classroom support, install software and set up IT for a variety of offices, mostly at the Faculty of Law and School of Business.

In his free time, Robbie “likes to perform” and is a member of several groups in Edmonton, including Rapid Fire Theatre. As a part of the Tales from the Improv Zone troupe, he appeared in the Fringe show, YEGDnD, for a second time this summer. It is not surprising that Robbie enjoys performing on stage, or that he enjoys “being back at the University and being surrounded by so much research and, especially, being surrounded by students”, as he was once a student of Theatre and English here too.

Posted by lsigvald