Attentive & Organized

As Executive Assistant to the Directors, Zdena’s days are filled with attending all the directors team meetings, taking minutes, and creating agendas. She says that the most important part of her job, besides showing up, is her relationship with her co-workers and building their trust. Accuracy in her agendas and minutes are also important in her role and “making sure the agendas are completed.” In a position that requires such “attention to detail”, Zdena is confident and says, “I like to pride myself on my organization.” She believes that, “[being] a people person when you’re assisting five people [is] definitely helpful.”

Zdena has worked at the University for over five years, and working at IST has been the happiest she’s ever been at a job. “I really like the culture and I really really like my co-workers and my boss.” Zdena works on the Associate Executive team with supervisor Amanda Danis and says she’s “met so many cool people. People [here] are really easy to work with.”

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