Always Learning

Deskside Support Analyst Steve Munro did not plan on a career in IT. He studied Pre-Journalism and English Literature at the University of Regina, with the intention of going into the field of journalism after graduating. Steve “discovered” the world of IT and computers shortly after beginning his degree. He realized that a computer would be a great asset to completing his work and preparing essays, but as a poor student, couldn’t afford to buy a brand new model. Not to be deterred, Steve took out several books on building and repairing computers and used a school break to build himself a computer.

His self-taught knowledge grew further upon returning to school, when, as the lone arts student in a residence hall full of engineering and science students, he became the unofficial editor for his entire floor. In this role, he had the opportunity to read, and learn, about a wide variety of technical subject matter, gaining knowledge in the field computer science, programming and IT from his peers’ research and classwork. As his knowledge grew, his unofficial editing service extended to providing IT help and advice—he even occasionally helped resolve computer issues for Computer Science and Engineering students! Based on these experiences, Steve knew that no matter what happened with journalism and writing, he had IT as his backup career plan.

When he graduated, Steve found himself at home in IT, and decided to actively pursue what had originally been his fallback. He has since lived all across Canada, gaining experience and expertise in IT through a wide variety of technical positions. He has worked for a robotics lab in Montreal, a Dell Computers call centre in Edmonton, as well as a major Canadian bank and a well-known IT consulting firm. In his current role as a Deskside Support Analyst, he enjoys applying his self-taught technical knowledge and innate problem solving skills to respond a wide variety of issues for a broad array of university clients.

In his spare time, Steve continues to pursue writing, both through personal fiction, as well as through the occasional freelance article on Edmonton’s arts and cultural scene.

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