“Let’s just say eclectic”

Two months ago, IST welcomed Maxim Wawruck into its client support team as a client support analyst. Maxim actually started off his career as a sound technician. He states: “I came into being a sound technician from being a recording technician and I came from being a recording technician from taking music in school. I have come into it pretty sideways, I have always had strong computer skills.”

Before working for IST, he had previously “worked at MacEwan doing tech support for a couple of years.” Maxim, really enjoys “working with different clients, both students and staff and filling in various roles between IT and audio visual.” What caught Maxim’s attention the most about IST “is the amazing range of skills and competencies within the department.” He also states “everyone I've met [in IST] has an impressive combination of professional experience and personal interest in technology.” Maxim’s main focus while doing his job is making sure that “our clients' experience of IST is courteous, prompt, and seamless overall. And that should reflect not only in our direct interactions, but also behind the scenes, with regards to keeping good communication and collaboration.”  

When asked about the activities he enjoys doing on his free time, Maxim responds: “I work a lot of side jobs, so I don’t always find time to do what I like to do. I try to compose music. Music is actually a big part of my life, if I’m not playing or composing, I’m going to shows and taking it in.”

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