Hey Google, Tell Me About Google Calendar

Hey Google, Tell Me About Google Calendar
October 5, 2018

Google Calendar is designed for teams, so it's easy to share your schedule with others and create multiple calendars that you and your team can use together.

Google Calendar can help you better manage your work and personal time, and get more done. With Calendar, you can quickly schedule meetings and events and get reminders about upcoming activities, so you always know what's next. Calendar is designed for teams, so it's easy to share your schedule with others and create multiple calendars that you and your team can use together.

Information Services & Technology (IST) takes a deep dive into this popular tool to share tips to help you get the most out of Google Calendar. We’re only just scratching the surface. If you’d like to take your Google knowledge to the next level, see which Google courses are right for you through the Technology Training Centre.

Reduce time spend on rescheduling meetings

With the “Propose a new time” feature, each guest invited to a meeting can propose a new time to the organizer (including adding an optional message). The organizer can then easily review and accept the proposed new times and reschedule appropriately.

Guests can see the other attendees' availability side by side (requires access to view calendar free/busy of other attendees), so they can suggest a time that works for everyone. Learn more.

Automatically decline meeting invites when you're out of office

When scheduling time away from work, use the “Out of office” entry type in Google Calendar. Google Calendar will then automatically decline any meeting invites that occur during this time period by sending a message to the organizer. You can customize both the decline message as well as the of the title of the time block. Click a block of time anywhere in the Calendar and choose “Out of office” to get started.

Hold office hours or workshops

Use “Appointment slots” in Google Calendar to schedule blocks of time that others can book. This is a simple way for professors to set up weekly office hours to meet with students or hold multiple employee training sessions at different times. Click a block of time anywhere in the Calendar and choose “Appointment slots” to get started.  Learn more.

Restore deleted events

Ever deleted a calendar event by mistake and wanted to get it back? Google Calendar has a Trash for events that provides an easy way for users to view, permanently delete, or restore individual and recurring deleted calendar events.

Trash is accessible from the calendar's dropdown menu in the "My calendars" section, as well as from Calendar Settings. This functionality is available for both primary calendars and secondary calendars for which people have edit rights. Learn more.

Manage multiple calendars side by side in "Day" view

View and manage calendars in separate columns. This makes it easier for employees who manage multiple calendars, like administrative assistants, to schedule meetings on behalf of their teams. Click “Day” view and select the calendars you want to compare.

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