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The following list provides an overview of major projects we're currently working on or that have recently been completed.
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Identity and Access Management Replacement Implementation

The Identity and Access Management (IAM) system creates and manages Campus Computing IDs (CCIDs) that are used to access all central IT services at the University of Alberta and is used to ensure appropriate access to IT and other resources.  This is the first in a series of projects to improve IAM within the IT environment of the University of Alberta.  The scope of this project is to replace existing IAM functionality with SailPoint's Identity IQ solution.

  Phase: Execution

Service Delivery & Operations
Start: January 1, 2016
End: December 18, 2019

GSMS SITS: Vision 9.3 Upgrade

Upgrade Tribal SITS:Vision software from version 8.8 to 9.3 to ensure the University stays current and supported.

  Phase: Complete

Enterprise Applications
Start: May 29, 2017
End: March 31, 2018

Taleo Learning Management Solution Assessment

Assess Oracle’s Taleo Learning Management Solution against Human Resource Service’s business requirements and prepare recommendation for presentation to the IT Steering Committee for Administration.

  Phase: Complete

Enterprise Applications
Start: July 1, 2017
End: April 30, 2018

Alberta School of Business Move to Moodle

The Alberta School of Business is moving from their local learning management solution (uLearn) to the university-wide learning manaement solution (Moodle).

  Phase: Complete

Digital Learning Environment
Start: September 1, 2017
End: January 15, 2019

Classroom Technology Direction - Phase 1, Planning and Pilot

To develop new tiered technology standards that will allow the University of Alberta classrooms to be run in a sustainable way and support the needs of instructors across the university.

  Phase: Complete

Digital Learning Environment
Start: September 1, 2017
End: December 31, 2018

Cloud Discovery

Assess options for Infrastructure Cloud solutions. This work is being delivered in two phases - Phase 1 Discovery, Phase 2 Pilot.
• Review service provider | vendor services available and the cost of those services 
• Train IST staff in regards to moving and operating services in the cloud
• Develop plans and governance for cloud adoption.
• Pilot of services in the cloud 
• Develop costing models for cloud services 
• Frameworks and workflows for determining what is to be moved to the cloud and how

  Phase: Complete

Service Delivery & Operations
Start: October 1, 2017
End: October 31, 2018

Undergraduate Admissions Solution Implementation - RFP

The objective of the Undergraduate Admissions Solution project is to enhance the overall experience of stakeholders involved in the admissions and enrolment process (students, admissions staff, Faculty advisors). .  The outcome of the RFP phase will be the selection and recommendation of a solution that will enable the delivery of integrated and consistent services.

  Phase: Complete

Enterprise Applications
Start: November 1, 2017
End: May 31, 2018

Research Network Infrastructure Upgrade (RNIU) Program

The program has a total combined budget of $20mil to deliver a modern research network infrastructure upgrade for the University of Alberta.  Currently there are 43 construction, renovation and/or network upgrade projects within the scope of this program.

  Phase: Complete

Enterprise Initiatives
Start: November 2, 2017
End: June 30, 2018

EDRMS 5.1 Upgrade

Upgrade Electronic Document and Records Management System to version 5.1 to ensure the University stays current and supported

  Phase: Complete

Enterprise Applications
Start: December 1, 2017
End: August 20, 2018

PCI Compliance Assessment

Conduct an assessment of two of the University’s merchant accounts to validate and report compliance against Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.  The project includes any required remediation activities identified through the assessment.

  Phase: Execution

Enterprise Applications
Start: December 4, 2017
End: April 30, 2019