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Identity Management Services (IMS)

Identity Management Services (IMS) are available to the entire University of Alberta community. IMS provides a centralized identity database compiled from several authoritative sources.

This service can be used by university approved applications to authenticate and authorize users, as well as to utilize identity and calendar information to enhance their functionality and usefulness to the U of A community.


Open Data Application Programming Interface (API) 

IMS was developed using advanced IT security techniques together with a focus on high system availability and scalability.  The Open Data Application Programming Interface (API) is available for use by all U of A constituents, and is described in greater detail via the link below. 

Open Data Application Programming Interface (API)



Core API Benefits

The IMS core API provides the following benefits to departmental applications:

  • Authentication and authorization of users based on their CCID and password
  • SSO functionality
  • Information on user’s relationship to the institution (e.g. student, instructor, employee, etc.)
  • Information on client department, phone number and location information
  • Information on user's enrollment, courses and classes
  • Identification of courses an instructor is teaching
  • Querying of the U of A course calendar
  • And much more...


 Inquiries, Issues, and Ideas

We invite you to contact us to discuss the potential benefits the IMS can bring to your departmental or organizational applications. We also welcome your feedback, and will gladly answer your IMS-related questions.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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