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Onsite Support

We deliver the support you need, right to your doorstep on campus. We help you out with just about everything that sits atop your desk!



Electronic Repair

RE: Covered.

Get Your Fix


Your electronics have to work.  Luckily, we can fix them in house!  We are warranty certified for Apple, Aver, Dell, Gateway, eMachines, Panasonic, Lenovo, and Toshiba equipment.  Data recovery services are also available so that you don't lose out on a thing!


We are highly accomodating hosts.

A Unique Environment


We're big into sharing! Our ability to offer shared or dedicated infrastructure allows you to customize a solution that fits your requirement and budget.  Professional and reliable hosting solutions help to deliver peak performance services to your customers.

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Watching your back and giving you space.

We've Got Your Back.


Use our centrally-funded Bacula backup service for critical business data.  Give your personal files a home in your very own AFS space.  With 8 terabytes of total departmental storage and an assortment of storage options, we're more than just a backup.

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Keeping you safe.

Intruder Alert


You're safe in our hands.  Learn how we work around the clock to protect you, and how you can ensure the privacy of your information.  Armed with free protection software and state-of-the-art security tips, you are sure to deter any breaches of confidentiality.

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Identity Management Services (IMS)

Authenticate and Authorize Users


This service can be used by U of A approved applications to authenticate and authorize users.  It can also utilize identity and calendar information to enhance their functionality and usefulness to the U of A community.

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Upgrade to the best without the expense.

Softies for Your Software Needs


We negotiate and obtain volume and site licensed software contracts from a variety of software suppliers to bring you the products you need. Keep yourself and your department up-to-date with the latest software—Heavily discounted, and sometimes free!

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