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Your CCID is your universal key to the University of Alberta. This unique identification is automatically assigned to anyone with a relationship to the University of Alberta—such as you as a student or an applicant!  Your CCID grants you access to resources on campus: From Bear Tracks, to old fashioned libraries, to high-tech computer labs, your CCID will open doors for your life on campus.  Are you ready to start exploring?

Getting Your CCID

We are happy to provide you with your CCID—Automatically.  Your CCID and initial password will be sent to your personal email address within two (2) days of an electronic application submission.



Before you an use your CCID to access online services like Bear Tracks, you will need to change your initial password.  Make it longer than 8 characters, and as complex as possible.  Make the change here.


Student Group CCID

You can obtain a CCID for a student group, otherwise known as a Secondary CCID.  Such a CCID allows for multiple people to use it.  Fill out the electronic application form and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Use and Management Policy

The University of Alberta is committed to maintaining an information technology environment that is free from harassment and is accessible to its members.  Please use IT resources responsibly.

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Keeping up on campus means having consistent access to internet, wherever you go.  The University Wireless Service is a robust and ubiquitous wireless internet service, meant to keep you connected on the go.  From one end of campus to the other, you can access the online resources you need¿so long as you have your CCID and password at the ready.  Let us hook you up.

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The University of Alberta is excited to offer Google Apps to all faculty, staff, and students as part of our ongoing commitment to provide effective, modern tools for higher education opportunities.  Since the U of A has implemented Google Apps for Education, there are no pesky ads, and the Apps are free to all University of Alberta users.  You can also be assured that your email is private and secure (no data-mining), comes with our support, and is mobile friendly.


25 GB of storage space. Enhanced privacy and security.



Coordinate with everyone. Customizable reminders. Mobile.



Collaborate. Auto-save. Approved for confidential U of A docs.



Reach a larger audience. Share docs and calendars among groups.



Single-click page creation. Simplicity. No complicated HTML or CSS.



Instant messaging for instant results. You can video chat, too.

If you require some assistance with the Google Apps for Education suite, you can always look through our How-To Guides, Video Tutorials, or our FAQ page.

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All of your professors have been rated by students in previous course evaluations.  As a student, you have access to these anonymous scores.  See how your profs add up here.

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Conjure your creativity and think BIG, because big ideas aren't lost in the translation to paper with Large Format Printing. Work that innovation: model your ideas with our 3D printer. Or, simply print a document with your ONEcard from a campus printer. Just use your imagination, and we can add the colour.

Large Format Printing (LFP)

Serving you under a banner of innovation, LFP enables the production of photographic quality prints on media up to 59" wide and 100 feet long! Go the distance: upload your print.


ONEcard Printing

You can print from most of our computer labs and campus libraries. Keep things simple with black-and-white printing at only $0.12 per page, or dabble with some colour at $0.35 per page!


Printer Support

If you need a printer set up, or if you are having difficulties with a printer on campus, please get in touch with us.  We will send our support right to your doorstep to resolve any issues you may have.

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Computer use is a norm for you as a student. We strive to create computer lab environments that will help you with your education and your research alike. Whether you're a Mac, PC, or UNIX user, we have labs available to meet your needs.  Most of our computer labs are open during the school year (September - April) from 08:00 - 22:00 Monday - Friday, and 13:00 - 17:00 on weekends. Please note that we're closed on statutory holidays.  Get the hands-on instructional time you need! Schedule one of our labs online.

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