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Learning through change

Well-educated and well-traveled, Zaya Yansanjav joined the University of Alberta 6 years ago, working first as a researcher, then as a financial assistant. In both positions, Zaya had become quite familiar with AICT through her use of the Help Desk’s many resources. So when she heard how “AICT was going through different changes [she] really wanted to be part of the changes as well”. Now, Zaya is an accounting assistant on AICT’s Finance team and helps with different kinds of internal and external billings, recording revenues, reviewing expense claims, and administering WestGrid research projects.

Born and raised in Mongolia, Zaya pursued her academic career at five universities, in four countries, across 3 continents. She received her Science degree in the Czech Republic and did research in Copenhagen and Harvard universities. Such diversity of education, experience and place has helped her to be more open and adaptable, and more accepting of change. Zaya’s education and experience had been largely in science, in the field of microbiology, but she switched to finance and accounting because she wanted a career which would provide a better work and life balance.

Although Zaya has turned away from the intensity of a scientific career, she has not turned away from learning. She is currently taking evening or online accounting courses towards her Certified General Accountant designation. And, she continues to travel extensively, learning as she goes from the museums and architecture of some of the greatest cities in the world.