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Fascinated with IT

When Wilbur D’Mello was a child in India, he received an Intel computer. When this first computer stopped working, Wilbur took it apart and “tinkered with it”, and that was the beginning of his fascination with computers and IT.

While studying for his Masters of Commerce degree at the University of Mumbai, Wilbur completed a hardware networking diploma and obtained networking certifications as well. He also worked on an IT Help Desk at the same time. With his graduate studies completed, Wilbur joined IDBI, the Industrial Development Bank of India. He started working at IDBI as a network technician, and later, as a network administrator. As a network administrator, he worked on a project that managed a satellite link which linked the Bank’s remote branches. Wilbur began working on the project in 2007 when the Bank had only 5 branches. By the time he left in 2011, the Bank had more than 150 branches. Wilbur found that project “a challenge but fun experience”.

Now, as a computer operator in AICT, Wilbur helps manage the systems in AICT’s 3 data centres. He manages the temperature controls and other infrastructure devices, checks for and reports power outages, and monitors the networks and security systems, in effect “ensuring that everything is running as it is supposed to be running”.