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Welcome Sola!

When Sola landed in Edmonton on January 14th, 2013, he was expecting it to be a lot colder than experienced.  But, being a Torontonian for almost 13 years, his cold weather experience made the transition a lot easier than originally anticipated.  Sola's wife and 3 children are still living in Toronto; finishing up school and preparing themselves to move to Edmonton as well.

Originally from Nigeria, Sola came to Canada in 2000, when he was the Head of IT for Guinness, Nigeria.  Starting his career as a computer programmer, his career took many interesting turns as he worked his way through two degrees of Computer Sciences, a Masters of Business Administration, Chartered Accounting and a series of project management and process improvement certifications like PMP, Prince2, COBIT,  Business Continuity and ITIL with SAP.

Initially, Sola joined the team to become responsible for managing all IT Projects associated with AICT.  When senior management obtained a stronger understanding of Sola's capabilities, they placed him in a more influential role as AICT's Director of Information Technology Project Management Office.

Sola joined the team to become AICT's Director of Information Technology Project Management Office.  Commissioned to develop and build AICT's Project Management Office, Sola has been able to restructure the Project Management Office, develop a comprehensive training program and successfully roll it out to all staff.

Sola describes himself as "Goal-oriented."  Based on his accomplishments and his contributions thus far, his words hold true.  He has methodically developed his career through the experience he gained, and sculpt his education to support his roles and to provide the best leadership and service possible.

Having many interestes such as theatre and movies; indoor games like tennis and table tennis; and, strategic games like chess, most of Sola's spare time is focused on building a home for his family for when they arrive.

At the heart of what Sola likes to do, he wants to build strong working relationships and achieve the goals which the University must attain to ensure its longevity and diversity.