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Scheduling Conflict: Incorrect or Missing Courses in Google Calendars

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"When are my classes?  Where are they?"  These are questions that are important for the beginning of a term… Unfortunately for some students, these answers have been difficult to find.  In fact, some students can't even find their classes within their Google Calendars, as was reported to AICT on January 6.

After investigating the missing classes, we have determined that information has been lost for about 800 courses this term.  This critically impacts the following:

  • Google Group Membership:
    Each course has a Google Group associated with it.  Membership for these groups has gotten stale as they have not been updated since January 3, 2013.
  • Student Calendars:
    Enrollment changes are out of date.  If you enrolled in a course for this term in the latter part of last year up until now, these changes are not being reflected in your calendar.
  • U of A Mobile App (iOS, Android):
    The time table section content is inaccurate or missing entirely, and the "Courses" feature is missing the 800 affected courses.

**Please be aware that other systems may be affected that we are unaware of at this time. Should you encounter any that may be affected by stale data, please contact

UPDATE (01/18/2013): Students may have two versions of "My Class Schedule" with overlapping events. We are actively looking at the issue, and will resolve it as soon as possible.

UPDATE (01/23/2013): Resolution

Over the weekend, all student calendars were deleted and recreated.  These calendars are now displaying up-to-date and correct information.  Please note that these are brand new calendars and therefore have not retained any of your previous settings.  This means that you will have to share you calendar with others so they may have access to view it.

Our sincerest apologies extend to those of you impacted by this issue and for the inconvenience it may have caused you.