University of Alberta Phone Spoofing Alert | News

University of Alberta Phone Spoofing Alert

University of Alberta IT Voice Services has received reports from the campus community regarding telemarketing calls displaying University of Alberta phone numbers. We have investigated these reports, and determined that an outside (off-campus) party is spoofing University of Alberta phone numbers when dialing University of Alberta phones.

Most of the reported cases have these characteristics:

  • The telemarketing call is received by a University of Alberta phone
  • The caller ID for the incoming call is either 780-492-XXXX or 780-248-XXXX and will only show the telephone number; no name display
  • These calls are automated and attempt to gain personal information by claiming to offer awards or travel points and prompting the user to press a key to “accept.”


How to recognize a spoofed call

When receiving a call from another phone at the university, University of Alberta phones will only display the 5-digit extension and set name display. A call originating from outside the university will display 10 digits and a name if the telephone number has been programmed with a name.

A call showing a University of Alberta number as 10 digits, 780-492-XXXX or 780-248-XXXX, is originating from outside the university and it is likely spoofed, especially if there is no name display.


Next steps

University of Alberta IT has escalated this issue to the university’s telecommunications provider.

University of Alberta community should exercise caution and do not follow the prompts stated in these automated calls. Simply hang up.

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