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Welcome Brian!

Brian Stewart explains the concept behind CAUS, or Campus of Alberta Unified Services, as the consolidation of those services, essentially IT, business and financial services, which will help post-secondary institutions meet their administrative needs yet reduce the cost to them and the educational sector. As AICT’s Executive Program Director of CAUS, Brian is putting together a team that will develop and manage CAUS.

Originally from Dublin, Brian began his career as an apprentice in the printing trade. He soon developed an interest in computer technology which became a career pathway that eventually took him from Ireland to Canada. Prior to arriving at AICT, Brian spent ten great years working at Athabasca University. Having spent that much time immersed in a totally online and post-secondary environment gave him much of the experience needed for the development and management of CAUS.

Athabasca University has had a positive influence on Brian’s education pathway as well. Brian had obtained a B.A. in Geography and Economics and completed the coursework for a Masters of Economics at Cork University. He was working on his thesis in Canada but did not finish it as “life took over”. Working at Athabasca University inspired him not only to begin and finish a M.B.A., but to complete his thesis for the Masters of Economics degree too.

AICT is fortunate to have Brian—and his many years of experience and education—working for CAUS.