Voicemail Upgrade

During the weekend of April 18-19, the main telephone voicemail system will be unavailable due a scheduled upgrade. System upgrades will begin Saturday, April 18 at 12:00AM; access to the main voicemail system will be restored on Sunday, April 19 at 3:00AM.

At the time of the upgrade, users will be unable to leave voicemails for campus users or access saved voicemails from their campus phone. Once voicemail is restored, users may find their voicemail message indicating a phantom message is available. If your phone is experiencing this issue follow the linked how-to article for assistance. For additional assistance, please contact IST at 780-492-9400.

A Balanced Blend

Len Zhou’s career focus “was always in the IT realm” and one that steered him to the role of business analyst over time. Originally starting out as a systems analyst, his ultimate goal would be to secure a position that would offer a balanced blend of interacting with people and the technical.

As a business analyst at IST, Len is able to directly interface with clients to determine their business needs around EDRMS, the content management system for the university. It’s a blend of the technical and social side that Len appreciates, “I really like interfacing with people and thought what a good role to do that”.

Though many individuals have heard of EDRMS, many have yet to try the application. Len, alongside others working on the project, are working to introduce the application over time to showcase how it will assist to better manage workflow and documentation around the university.

The right tool for the right project

Although Walter Viale works for Information Services and Technology (IST), he “is not a technical guy”. As a financial business analyst, his field of expertise is on “the business side”. Currently, he is the financial business analyst on an IST project management team that is working on a financial administration project for the University. Ultimately, this financial planning and budgeting project “will be more efficient, integrated, and universally used” across campus. So far, the team has chosen “the tool” for the project and are now “looking for a vendor to implement the tool”. Walter feels that the most important part of his job is to make sure that “the tool” will help  people at the University’s faculties and units and that people “will see value in the tool applied to their work and move on to the next stage” of the project.

Walter, who is contributing his “common sense and experience” to the project, has an extensive “business side” background. Originally from Argentina where he started working in the family business at age 14 and “saw all aspects of running a business”, to coming to Canada for his MBA, and to working with SAP, Oracle and other systems, Walter is well suited to help with the implementation of the planning and budgeting project which “will help people and the University be more efficient”

USRI Course Evaluations

USRI, or Universal Student Ratings of Instruction, were created to gather student feedback on courses using a basic set of mandated questions. USRI course evaluations gather feedback from classes to help instructors, departments and faculties improve curriculum and instruction. The results also serve as one important factor in decisions affecting the career of your instructor.

Evaluations are available for completion beginning Thursday, April 2nd and run through Friday, April 10th.

When the evaluation period opens on April 2nd, students will receive an email with a list of their courses and a link to complete the evaluation(s).

We encourage you to complete the evaluation(s) as your feedback is valuable and will help to improve curriculum and instruction for future students participating in the course. Evaluations are easy to complete and should take less than ten minutes.

Complete course evaluations now!

For additional information, view our list of FAQ's.
If you would like to see results from the USRI course evaluations, click here.

Fast Responder

As an Incident and Requests Fulfillment Management Lead, Scott “manage[s] incidents and improves the process” on a daily basis. At the university, “if anything breaks, support teams are engaged to fix it and we communicate it”. It’s a task that necessitates a careful balance between informing the correct teams and individuals as to the impact, while also actively working to resolve the issue at hand, “it can be very action-packed at times … everyday is different”.

There are many teams involved in providing an IT service to the University so it’s important to respond to incidents quickly and effectively so the University of Alberta can teach students and provide a place for research. With the knowledge gained from the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, or MCSE, certification course and several years in incident management roles Scott is able to apply valuable learned concepts effectively towards the resolution and prevention of incidents.