Making a Difference

As an Application Support Analyst, Tawheed Sadiq’s everyday surrounds “anything and everything” to do with CCID Administration, Google Apps and Gmail. Along with three teammates and team lead Ronnie Thengumpally, the team is responsible for responding to project requests that come in from departments on campus and responding to any user inquiries. The diverse project requests often involve collaboration with many internal teams within IST because the scope of Google and CCIDs affect so many people on campus. The variety offers a different experience everyday and a different set of challenges, “we’re all over the place–I like that flexibility.”

Though the workflow is consistently busy with serving such a large audience, Tawheed relishes the challenges it brings and the impact his role makes, “I enjoy dealing with people and helping people make their life with technology easier. At the end of the day that’s what we’re all here to accomplish … my job is to make peoples’ jobs easier with technology.”

Navigating New Pathways

Suzelle Umeobieri, a business analyst with IST, is part of the team that is working on CAUS, the Campus Alberta Unified Services project. The purpose of CAUS is to consolidate the IT, business and financial services of post-secondary institutions (PSI’s) to help them meet their administrative needs at a reduced cost.  Under CAUS, the University of Alberta will “host them in our system, and with our support they’ll get a better system than they could otherwise afford”. Olds College was “the first PSI to sign up for PeopleSoft but hopefully there are other schools that will sign on in the future”.

Suzelle joined IST’s Enterprise Applications Department in September and the Olds College Peoplesoft Implementation portion of the CAUS project officially began October 1st. Currently, Suzelle is working with Olds College, TCS and UofA staff ensuring business needs are met on all fronts and the implementation goes as smoothly as possible. Understandably, one of Suzelle’s main roles is that of a good communicator: “dealing with everyone, making sure that they can ask me questions, and then finding the answer or the person who has the answer for them”. Overall Suzelle feels working on the CAUS project is a great learning experience and is enjoying it.

Keeping Watch

When a device in the data centre indicates a problem, Chakit Garg and fellow computer operators are on the move and keep pace with a clear system of protocols to ensure all is resolved. The 3215 devices, some of which are in the data centre and others across campus, are monitored for system, network and application events. “We’re [here] for monitoring,” Chakit says of his role as a computer operator at IST, “we’ll go check to see what the device is, how the analysts want us to react.” If it’s a critical “24-7 device” the computer operators will phone an on-call analyst to look after a fast resolution.

Outside of the above devices, they also monitor and control the temperature, humidity and uninterrupted/electrical power supply to the data centre including limiting physical access so only the right people are allowed in.

Chakit is one of nine individuals on the Physical Infrastructure team led by team lead Ashton Wong. With a Graduate Diploma in Information Security, Chakit has a lot of educational knowledge and is now gaining the practical hands-on experience through his work at the university. Working in IST, Chakit says, “it’s amazing, I love the culture over here … people admire eachother.”

Bear Tracks and Campus Solutions Outage

During the weekend of May 2-3, Bear Tracks and Campus Solutions will be unavailable due to a scheduled upgrade. System upgrades will begin Saturday, May 2 at 2:00AM and will continue through Sunday, May 3. At the time of the upgrade, users will be unable to access Bear Tracks and Campus Solutions.

Access to these applications will be fully restored on Monday, May 4 at 7:00AM. We appreciate your patience during the upgrade!


Team Builder

With an undergraduate degree in Science and a master’s degree in Business, and many years of experience in project management, Mark Edwards is well suited to work in IST’s Project Management Office. As a senior project manager, Mark has “a number of projects going”, some of which are near completion, including the security and privacy project and the large-format printing project. He is also involved in a number of smaller projects. Although it is “always nice to complete [projects] if they go well, working on them one at a time is not usually a luxury” that he has; however, Mark excels in his position as he “enjoys managing projects, getting things done and solving problems”.

Regardless of the size of a project, Mark says “every project is different which makes it interesting”. But, while there are “always new things to learn”, the most important part of project work is putting together the right team that can deliver “a good solution in the end [and] within a timeframe and budget”.