A Different Path

After receiving a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the U of A, Katie-Lynn Kimble’s career took a different path. She decided to follow her interest in software and entered NAIT’s Digital Media and IT program. One of the general streams of the program was Application Programming and she “really liked it so just went with it and focused and finished it in 2 years”. With her newly acquired Application Development diploma she joined IST’s Application Development team.

As a junior application developer, Katie-Lynn’s “tasks depend on the week” and “wherever the team needs [her]”. From helping the team purchase and install extensions into software, and customizing software, through “inputting data into software that we’re working on so that we can show clients”, Katie-Lynn’s work weeks are very busy. During any spare time that she has, she teaches herself “new programming languages”.

Katie-Lynn enjoys working for IST in general, and for the Application Development team in particular, as everyone on the team strives to make “software that people actually can use and that helps the students and teachers and staff actually do their [work] better and more efficiently”.

Organizing a Puzzle

Across the university everyday staff, students, and faculty depend on the wireless network to connect our computers and devices to keep us going and on the move. For that constant connection, you can thank the ten individuals on the Cabling & Edge Network team, one of which is Tom Nguyen. Tom, a Network Analyst, describes his job as a one that looks after the foundation of the network to ensure the many cables and switches across the university are functioning, “if you don’t have that foundation, you don’t have a network".

With all of the networking infrastructure present across the university, Tom regards it as a job that “keeps [him] busy” and offers “lots to learn”. As an ambitious individual who likes to learn new things, Tom is certainly in his element.

The Business of IT: Building the Bridge

As a senior program manager in IST’s Project Management Office, Terry Harris is working on three projects: the PeopleSoft HCM upgrade, selecting and implementing a planning and budgeting solution, and implementing an enterprise data warehouse solution. And as “each one is at a different stage, [his] role is slightly different” for each of them; however, the projects all “have a cross-campus application” and all challenge Terry “to keep track of where things are at and what needs to be done next” as he helps build the “bridge between business and IT” processes.

Although Terry’s background is largely in HR—he graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Human Resources—in “every job [he] had there was always a small systems component to it and as not everybody was into computers back then [he] usually ended up getting the assignment”. Working on several PeopleSoft projects, as well as obtaining his Project Management Professional designation, also has given him insight into managing his current IST projects.

Terry feels that the most important part of his job is being able “to develop relationships and to speak the language of the business side”. And, his creed of “being personable, being approachable and being available” to all the stakeholders involved will prove to be, perhaps, the key to completing the bridge between IT and business processes at the University.

Attentive & Organized

As Executive Assistant to the Directors, Zdena’s days are filled with attending all the directors team meetings, taking minutes, and creating agendas. She says that the most important part of her job, besides showing up, is her relationship with her co-workers and building their trust. Accuracy in her agendas and minutes are also important in her role and “making sure the agendas are completed.” In a position that requires such “attention to detail”, Zdena is confident and says, “I like to pride myself on my organization.” She believes that, “[being] a people person when you’re assisting five people [is] definitely helpful.”

Zdena has worked at the University for over five years, and working at IST has been the happiest she’s ever been at a job. “I really like the culture and I really really like my co-workers and my boss.” Zdena works on the Associate Executive team with supervisor Amanda Danis and says she’s “met so many cool people. People [here] are really easy to work with.”

USRI Course Evaluations

USRI, or Universal Student Ratings of Instruction, were created to gather student feedback on courses using a basic set of mandated questions. USRI course evaluations gather feedback from classes to help instructors, departments and faculties improve curriculum and instruction. The results also serve as one important factor in decisions affecting the career of your instructor.

Evaluations are available for completion beginning Thursday, November 27th and run through Wednesday, December 3rd.

When the evaluation period opens on November 27th, students will receive an email with a list of their courses and a link to complete the evaluation(s).

We encourage you to complete the evaluation(s) as your feedback is valuable and will help to improve curriculum and instruction for future students participating in the course. Evaluations are easy to complete and should take less than ten minutes.

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