PeopleSoft Financial System Update

During the weekend of August 15-18, the PeopleSoft Financial system will be unavailable due to scheduled updates.

Updates will begin Friday, August 15 at 5:00 PM. Access to the PeopleSoft Financial system will resume Monday, August 18 at 7:00 AM. Please see the official release below:

Published Date: August 8, 2014

Directed To: All PeopleSoft Financials Users

Subject: PeopleSoft Financials System Will Be Unavailable - Friday, August 15 at 5:00 PM to Monday, August 18 at 7:00 AM.

This notice is to inform users that the PeopleSoft Financials system is scheduled to be unavailable Friday, August 15 at 5:00 PM to Monday, August 18 at 7:00 AM to allow for system changes relating to Grants Management functions in support of research administration and reporting. During this time users will not be able to access or login to the PeopleSoft Financials system. This will impact all Financials users including those who enter/approve expense claims and purchase requisitions and access Researcher Home Page/eTRAC.

More information on these system improvements will be communicated as part of the implementation go-live notification.

Access to PeopleSoft HCM, Campus Solutions, and Bear Tracks will not be impacted by this system change and will follow the regular availability schedule.

There is no further information in the Production Notice on the Website.

Maintenance, Governance and Support

As a Systems Analyst on the Application Hosting team, Vincent works to maintain hosted applications throughout the university and describes the team as one that is all about “maintenance, governance and support”. This role enables him to communicate with clients internally and externally. In addition to working closely with clients, Application Hosting also frequently communicates with the Application Development team to coordinate “function and design“ of applications per client request.

Vincent says a position at IST is the ideal environment for him to grow and gain experience in his career as the university essence after all is to provide “a place to teach and a place to learn“. Alongwith experience, his role provides him with exposure to a “variety of different kinds of systems” which Vincent appreciates because the range keeps him on his toes and adds diversity to his role.

Completely Different, Really Cool

Megan McCaig’s experience in IST has been “completely different and really cool”. She has been working as a human resources assistant in IST through the Alberta School of Business’ Cooperative Education program since January. Although her term is coming to an end in August, she has “learned a lot in the last 8 months” which will help her finish her Business degree and continue working in her chosen fields of human resource management and marketing.

Megan’s first HR internship last summer, working for an oil and gas company, was in what she always had thought would be her preferred industry and work environment. Her internship with IST, however, has her “now thinking about working in an academic environment”. Being part of the HR team in IST has given Megan a chance to work “on a little bit of everything”: payroll, ClickTime, onboarding packaging, as well as being a first point of contact with IST’s staff." It has been “a fast-paced environment” but Megan feels that has been of benefit to her, as has being part of “a cohesive team”.

Megan has “had such a good experience at IST” that she looks forward to seeing IST staff around campus when she returns to her studies in September. As she says, “until you’re a staff member on campus you don’t actually realize what everyone is here to do”—or how helpful and friendly they are!

A Proficient Communicator

Peter Omage is a master communicator. In his role as a Project Manager, he works closely with the Relationship Management team to become aware of proposed initiatives for faculties and business units. Once they are recognized, it is then Peter’s responsibility to coordinate with the right people to deliver initiatives into projects and ensure things run smoothly and on course. On a daily basis, he works with teams within IST to drive initiatives, coordinate activities and oversee progress on projects. He highlights the most important responsibilities are managing people and communication and further describes the role as one where you “collaborate with people, build relationships and solve problems”.

It’s obvious through speaking with Peter that he is skilled and knowledgeable in his work. He credits this advantage to previous work experience where he refined key skills while learning, “how to organize work, how to resolve issues, how to communicate effectively and appropriately, they come with experience”. A variety of Project Management and Leadership certifications and his degree in Business Administration complement his work experience.

Peter first learned about IST while at a social gathering; he recalls speaking to an employee of IST who spoke highly of the department’s direction. Now as a team member himself, Peter speaks highly of the department and touches on the unique aspects that make IST shine including a focus on “collaboration”, making decisions as a team and working in “an environment without walls”.

An IT Epiphany

When Aaron Hammond began his electrician apprenticeship through NAIT he did not realize that it would lead to a career in IT. IT and computers had “always been a hobby” but it was not until he was “setting up the computers for a work trailer” during his first year of apprenticeship in Fort McMurray that he realized IT was “what [he] should be doing”. Aaron “jumped ship”, returned to NAIT, completed the Computer Network Administrator program, worked for two other companies managing IT services, then, on the recommendation of a friend, joined IST as a deskside support analyst.

As part of one of IST’s “dynamic” deskside teams, Aaron mostly supports clients in the north-west quadrant of Campus, trouble-shooting, supporting projects and keeping things running, particularly for Facilities and Operations. He also “helps out” occasionally at Augustana Campus. But whether he is on the busy North Campus or in the “quieter environment” of Augustana, Aaron says that “customer service is the most important part of the job”.  His clients may have different software and hardware but they have “essentially the same Windows-operating system” which helps him provide quick and effective service. It also helps that he is able “to explain the technical in a non-technical way”.

Aaron is “very committed” to his clients and takes his work “very personally”. Respectively, Aaron appreciates being able to “interact directly” with his clients and to work for a very supportive department where even the Executive Director takes the time to say “hi” and “welcome”.