CHANGE: UWS Switch Upgrade - 2013/03/07 | Notifications | ITPulse

CHANGE: UWS Switch Upgrade - 2013/03/07

What is happening?
The UWS (University Wireless Service) switches will be upgraded in the following buildings:

  • Natural Resources Engineering Facility
  • South Academic Building
  • Central Academic Building
  • Corbett Hall

Who will be affected?
All UWS users in the above locations will be affected.

What is the impact?
Users will not be able to use UWS to access the internet.

When will the change occur?
Start: 2013/03/07 22:00 - The switch upgrades will begin.
Test: 2013/03/08 00:00 - Testing will be done to confirm UWS functionality.
End: 2013/03/08 02:00 - The UWS switch upgrades will be complete.