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CHANGE: Security Updates - 2013/04/17

What is happening?
Academic Information and Communication Technologies (AICT) will be installing the latest security updates as well as performing routine maintenance on multiple servers.

Who will be affected?
The following users will experience a temporary outage to their respective service(s):

1. U of A UAlberta Apps and website users
2. Users of the transit information digital listings in the Students' Union Bldg.
3. WHAT-ME website ( users

What is the impact?
The following services will be unavailable during the outage:

-The UAlberta mobile app and the website
-Transit information
-The website

When will the change occur?
Start: 2013/04/19 22:00 - Installation will begin.
Test: 2013/04/19 23:00 - Servers will be tested for functionality.
End: 2013/04/19 00:00 - The change will be complete