OUTAGE RESOLUTION: H.M. Tory Building Flooding – 2014/02/26 | Notifications | ITPulse

OUTAGE RESOLUTION: H.M. Tory Building Flooding – 2014/02/26

What happened?
Classrooms in the basement of the Henry Marshall Tory (H.M. Tory) Building experienced flooding that affected the use of IT equipment within these rooms.

Who was affected?
The following H.M. Tory Building classrooms were affected by this outage:
• B87
• B90
• B95
• B96
• B100
• B104.

What was the impact?
The affected classrooms were not available for use or had limited access. IT services and equipment within the classrooms were unavailable and some required repair or replacement.

What was the timeline of the incident?
Start: 2014/02/26 10:00– IT support analysts discovered flooding and began investigating this issue.
2014/02/26 10:25 – After assessing the initial situation, IT support analysts turned off network switches to prevent damage to equipment.
2014/02/26 11:00 – IT support analysts further investigated affected classrooms.
2014/02/26 11:30 – Facilities and Operations continued working to clean up the water.
2014/02/26 12:15 – Examinations and Timetabling was contacted for information about releasing rooms for usage.
2014/02/26 13:30 – Attempts were made to relocate all classes to accommodate additional work.
2014/02/26 15:30 – The majority of classes were successfully relocated to allow IST and Facilities and Operations to begin with further cleanup.
2014/02/27 09:00 – IT analysts continued working to verify that all water was cleaned up and that IT services are functioning properly.
2014/02/27 17:15 – Repairs and replacement of IT equipment were completed and audiovisual equipment was tested to ensure functionality.
End: 2014/02/28 9:00 – Services were confirmed to be restored. Facilities and Operations will complete any additional work and Examinations and Timetabling will verify that the classrooms can be reopened.

This outage information is based on the information available to IST at the time this alert was drafted. More information about this outage can be found at www.ist.ualberta.ca or by contacting the IST Help Desk at 780-492-9400 and will be added as it becomes available.