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What is a CCID?

Your CCID is your universal key to the University of Alberta. This unique identification is automatically assigned to anyone with a relationship to the University of Alberta. Such relationships may include applicants, students, employees, and guests.

Your CCID grants you access to all of the “Connecting U” resources and much more: From Bear Tracks, to libraries' e-books and e-journals, to high-tech computer labs, your CCID will open doors for your life on campus. Are you ready to start exploring?

Getting Your CCID

Whether you are a new applicant, student, or a staff member, you've just found yourself thrown into a big world.  You'll need this ID to gain access to many computer-based services at the U of A.  We are happy to provide this CCID for you—automatically.

Applicants and Students

Your personal email address will receive your CCID and password combination within two (2) days of an electronic application submission to the U of A.  If you submit a hard-copy application, it might take a little longer because we'll need to enter you into our system. 

Faculty and Staff

Your CCID and password will be automatically created upon your hire or pre-hire, and you will receive an email containing all of the information you require. 


Some Guest IDs are issued under the sponsorship of your University department—Others are created automatically. It all depends on who you are! Please contact us for more information. 

Before you can use your CCID, you will need to change the initial password sent to you.  Until you change your password, you will not be able to access any services like Bear Tracks.


If you are new to the U of A, or if you were here so long ago that a new CCID is required, an initial password is set that must be changed before your account can be used.  The initial password, automatically generated for you, does not give you the ability to log into services like email, Bear Tracks, or UWS.

Change or reset your password here.

Note that your password must meet some requirements.  Your password must:

    • Be ten (10) or more characters long.
    • Not be based on a single word in any language.
    • Be complex—Don't make it easy to guess.
    • Use a combination of numbers and upper- and lower-case letters

Only when you receive a response entitled "PASSWORD CHANGED SUCCESSFULLY" will your CCID grant you the access you need.

Using Your CCID

Your CCID should grant you access to everything you need at the U of A. The level of access granted by your CCID is determined by your current relationship with the university.

For example, as an Applicant, you have access to email and Bear Tracks.  You will only be able to access our full range of services once you have registered for courses, thereby changing your Applicant relationship to that of a Student.

Similar situations may arise with new Employees.  Access to all services will be provided only with an Employee relationship, usually updated within one month of the employee's start date.

Change of Identity

Under some circumstances, CCIDs can be changed altogether. If you have legally changed your name, or if you find that your assigned CCID creates embarrassment or is misleading, please contact us!

If your CCID cannot be changed, but you still wish to go by another name, you can set up an Alias. Go to "Email" in your Profile Manager to set up an alternate name to use that will point to your assigned CCID.

Need help setting up an alias?  Let us guide you through the steps.  View our Alias How-To!

Keeping In Touch

First and foremost, your CCID provides direct communication between you and the University of Alberta.

All official emails concerning your education or your work will be sent to your UAlberta Google Apps email—Be sure to check back frequently!

If you need some help Going Google, you can visit our Google Apps page.  Here, you can find information about all of the Google Apps goodies available to you.  You can also find helpful how-to guides and FAQs, as well as migration information for the University of Alberta Google initiative.


Help Me!


Your CCID needs to work—no matter what.

If you are having any difficulties at all related to your CCID, such as a forgotten password, please contact us.


IST Help Desk


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

302 General Service Building, North Campus



Your CCID has a pretty long shelf-life. It will be valid all throughout your University career—and beyond that, in some special cases:

Students and Employees

Once all relationships to the University maintaining your CCID eligibility have ended, your CCID has 14 months before the expiry process begins. So long as you sign in once per year, your CCID will remain active. This will allow you to access Bear Tracks and your mail for as long as you need. If, however, your CCID is inactive for 12 consecutive months after the expiry process is initiated, your CCID will expire.

Continuing Education Students

If this is your only relationship to the U of A, your CCID will expire 24 months after the end date of your continuing education studentship.

Emeritus Designation

If you have retired and hold an emeritus designation, your CCID will not expire in your lifetime! Your relationship, and your CCID, will be maintained for the rest of your life.

If your CCID has expired, you will need to speak with either the Registrar or with your old department to create a new one.


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