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We are dedicated to keeping you connected all across campus.  We have built, maintained, and are constantly upgrading the University Wireless Service (UWS), allowing anyone with a CCID and password to connect to the internet in any building on campus.  For your convenience, we also have a free and open wireless service called Guest@UofA, to which anyone can connect.  The University of Alberta is also one of the participating institutions with Eduroam, allowing for visitors from outside universities to connect to the internet using their own login information from their own institution.

University Wireless Service (UWS)

Keeping up on campus means having consistent access to internet, wherever you go.  The University Wireless Service is a robust and ubiquitous wireless internet service, meant to keep you connected on the go.  From one end of campus to the other, you can access the online resources you need—so long as you have your CCID and password at the ready.  Get connected now.

UWS Upgrades

We are always endeavoring to upgrade and improve UWS to give you the best service possible. 

A campus-wide upgrade to 802.11N switches and APs is in progress now.  Wireless coverage for the university will not be disrupted during this upgrade, for your convenience. 

The UWS wireless upgrade project is being supported financially by the office of the Vice Provost Information Technology.

UWS Production Information

This information is primarily for LAN administrators at the university.

Currently, the IP addresses assigned to users on UWS fall within the following IP ranges:


The University of Alberta currently supports these wireless standards:

  • 802.11G
  • 802.11A
  • 802.11N


We do not currently limit per-user bandwidth on campus. However, we do actively monitor internet traffic for signs of abuse. If we see repeated high-volume bandwidth usage, or evidence of malicious activity, we reserve the right to limit or block access to UWS.


Be our guest—Please, try out our free wireless network.

Guest@UofA allows anyone passing through campus to connect to the internet.   While not as robust as our UWS system, it is great for checking your mail, updating social media sites, conferences on campus, or simply browsing the web.  This service allows for simple web surfing (http and https) over standard TCP/IP ports 80 and 443.  Common VPN clients will also work.  Access is free, but is only granted once you have read and agreed to our conditions of use.



The University of Alberta is a participant in Eduroam, providing internet access for visiting students and staff from other partner institutions.  Please note that, if you are from the U of A, you cannot connect to this network—UWS is the best network for you to use, anyway.  Eduroam can connect you if you are from the following institutions: BC institute of Technology, Simon Fraser University, Thompson Rivers University, University of Calgary, University of Saskatchewan, University of Victoria, University of Western Ontario. For a comprehensive list of all participating institutions, click here. If you happen to be outside of Canada, visit Eduroam for information on using the service internationally.

To authenticate, all usernames must be qualified by your home institution's domain name.  Your username is then your username at your home institution, followed by your university's doman name: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  If you need help connecting, please view our How to Connect to Eduroam guide.

If you are a University of Alberta student wishing to connect to Eduroam from one of these partner institutions, the process will be similar to connecting to UWS, though don't forget that your username will require our "ualberta.ca" domain name, as well.  This means that you will sign in with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Acceptable use of the Eduroam network is determined by the hosting university.  If you are connecting to the University of Alberta's Eduroam network, you can read our Conditions of Use page.

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