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Email is Gmail

The University of Alberta is excited to offer Google Apps to all faculty, staff, and students as part of our ongoing commitment to provide effective, modern tools for higher education opportunities.  Since the U of A has implemented Google Apps for Education, there are no pesky ads, and the Apps are free to all University of Alberta users.  You can also be assured that your email is private and secure (no data-mining), comes with our support, and is mobile friendly.


Gmail allows unparalleled flexibility and capacity: all you need is a web browser and internet access, and you'll be tapped into all of the features that set Gmail apart from other email services. With great collaboration applications included, projects can be coordinated and tackled with ease. Finally, as part of the agreement between the U of A and Google, your email has enhanced privacy, security, and comes with full technical support.



25 GB of storage space.  Keep everything you want.



Conversations, labelling, and filtering make your inbox intuitive.


Just Google it!  Use keywords to search your mail.



We have synchronizing down to an art.  Google allows you to share your calendar within the University of Alberta as well as externally with commercial Google accounts.  You can see the schedules that others have shared with you, allowing you to easily coordinate availability with your friends or coworkers, and vice versa!  In some cases, you can even book meeting rooms by adding them to your contacts and inviting them along!


Create Events

"Find a Time" that works with everyone's schedule.



Customizable via text messages, emails, or pop-ups.


Two-way syncing to a pocket-sized Google Calendar.

Mobile Device Sync

These instructions show you how to sync your email, calendar, and contacts directly to your mobile device.

Show Me How!


Create and collaborate with others on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with this amazing feature.  You can upload many popular file formats from programs like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and OpenOffice.

Additionally, Google Drive has been approved for storing confidential U of A documents that can't be sent through email, provided you are adhering to the U of A encryption policy.


Groups can be used to reach a large number of people on campus on a regular basis. It can be a huge asset to your internal communication within the University of Alberta.

With Groups, you can email everyone in the group without having to worry about hitting your daily sending limit!  You can even share your calendar and documents within these groups.


Create your own space on the web and fill it with your own content or with information from other Google applications.

Single-click page creation templates make whipping up wonderful websites easy: No complicated HTML or CSS scripting required—not even to embed all sorts of rich content like presentations, videos, documents, calendars, or photo slideshows from your other Google projects.


Instant messaging is key to getting the answers you need quickly.  Moreover, with Google Talk, you can add users to Google Talk both internally (within the U of A) and externally with commercial Google accounts.

Let others know when you are available, or busy and unable to respond immediately.

Try the video option for a more personal experience!


Get Googling.  This is where you access your UAlberta email with your CCID and password.

This document tells you all the known limitations for Google Apps.

A collection of lessons to assist you with the wide range of Google Applications available to you.

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