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Scoring Multiple Choice Tests

Multiple-choice tests are a popular method of providing reliable and valid measures of achievement in many courses on campus. In recent years, their usage has increased as class sizes have grown thus making other measures of achievement practically infeasible. TSQS uses Optical Mark Reader (OMR) technology to capture and score responses on appropriate OMR forms and, then, offers a comprehensive array of analysis and reporting procedures.

Machine scoring is accurate and efficient; usually more so than manual scoring. We promise a maximum 24-hour turn-around on weekdays for results that may include:

    • raw scores printed on each answer sheet,
    • class lists with names, id numbers and scores,
    • comprehensive item analysis reports,
    • comma-delimited results files suitable for opening in Excel or uploading to eClass,
    • merging results from alternate forms of a test into a single report,
    • combining (weighted) scores from sub-sections of a test into a single score,
    • formula (right minus wrong) scoring,
    • rescaling scores to percentages or other totals, or to specified means and standard deviations
    • reports of right and wrong answers given by each student, and more


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