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OMR Forms and Answer Sheets

Generic Forms:
The following forms are 'in-house' at the University of Alberta. Forms which show a catalog number may be purchased in multiples of 500 directly from the Bookstore through the Main Floor Customer Service counter. Use the catalog number when ordering from them. Please order from them whenever possible. The prices charged reflect the cost of the sheets when they were purchased from the supplier. In addition to the purchase date being significant, the quantity acquired at that time also affects the price. Once the forms are on campus, the quantity purchased by a specific customer does not affect the price.

Catalog Number Form Code or Name TSQS Price Form Description
  Request for Service Free Used as a Job Identification and Billing Form for all jobs except those involving IDQ questionnaires.
  IDQ Requisition Free Used to order IDQ questionnaires. Replaces the Request for Service Form for IDQ jobs.


9 cents each General Purpose Answer Sheet for multiple choice tests -- 200 5-choice questions plus 50 20-choice questions (alphabetic responses)
HF658 T4887 17 cents each General Purpose Answer Sheet for multiple choice tests -- 120 questions, 10 choices per question (alphabetic or numeric responses)
HF659 16412 17 cents each 8.5 by 3.7 Answer Sheet for multiple choice tests -- 100 questions, 5 choices per question, 10 digit id number
  USRI Form (IDQ) 17 cents each U of A's Students' Ratings of Instruction form which must be ordered from us using an IDQ Requisition form or the online Requisition system
  IDQ Form (Generic) 17 cents each General Purpose ratings form which must be ordered from us using an IDQ Requisition form or the online Requisition system
  OMR Data Coding Sheet 6 cents each Accommodates up to 180 digits per sheet. The form is intended for data coders rather than as an answer sheet
  Batch Header 6 cents each Used to subdivide a job into groups or classes. Please consult with TSQS staff before attempting to use these.

Customized Forms:
There are 4 levels at which forms may be generated for specific requirements. These forms should not be acquired, developed or modified without coordinating your activities with TSQS if you intend to have us process (read) the sheets for you.

    1. Questionnaires for the collection of students' ratings of instructors and courses may be generated using the IDQ system to print the desired questions in a prescribed format on forms that have been designed for that purpose.
    2. Forms may be printed locally with a fair amount of flexibility in formats (layouts). These forms are restricted to 8.5 by 11 sheets and are normally printed in red ink. (Requests for other colors must not be done without specific arrangements with Dan Precht.) This partial-customization option is suggested for situations involving the need for a special single-sheet form in quantities of 2,000 to as many as 20,000 sheets. Development of the master copy and the scanning program will take from 3 to 6 hours (at $60 per hour) depending on the specific requirements. 2002 prices for the actual printing are as follows:


  First 1000 Additional 1000's
printed on one side $194 $112
printed on two sides $258 $121
  1. Totally customized forms allowing variations in form size and colors as well as other special needs are accommodated by working with an outside vendor who specializes in producing OMR forms.
  2. Small quantities (100's rather than 1000's) of forms may be generated with a relaxation of the above constraints. Inquiries about this option should be addressed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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