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General Information

Since computer use has become essential, we strive to create an intellectual environment to help students and staff carry out educational, research, and service missions of the University of Alberta.  So, we maintain a variety of instructional computing labs to support such activities.

All students and staff should treat access to the computing environment at the University with mutual responsibility and respect. The University of Alberta is committed to legal norms in the area of software usage; software and commercial documentation cannot be copied without violating University policy and Federal copyright statutes.

Students and instructors are asked not to bring food and/or drinks into the labs. Residue from food and drink affects the working condition of the keyboard/mouse components and creates an undesirable working environment.


Individual lab information is available just below.  Most are open:

Weekdays: 08:00 am - 22:00
Weekends: 13:00 pm - 17:00
Closed on statutory holidays

Some labs are programmed to lock and unlock according to their hours. They are not programmed for classes outside of regular lab hours, but you can request a change in this regard.  Individual swipe card access to specific computer labs is controlled by the individual faculties or the sponsor of that lab.

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Standard Software

  • Microsoft Office 2007
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • SPSS
  • Various plug-ins

The instructor is responsible for checking that the reserved lab has the required software installed. Any request for software installation must be made at least two weeks prior to the reserved time, and one month for September start of class installs. Failure to do so may delay installation and result in additional $89/hr overtime costs. Please note that installation of any beta, trial, or demo software is not allowed.

Supplies & Printing

Unless other arrangements are made with the lab sponsor, we provide the following in each lab:

  • Printer Supplies: 8.5 x 11" paper and toner (supplied by ONEcard. Printing costs, procedures, and locations can all be found on their webpage here.)
  • Whiteboard Supplies: dry-erase marker(s) and eraser

If supplies are depleted, contact the Lab Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or submit a ticket.

Don't Forget to Authenticate!

Need internet access? You will need to enter your CCID and password before you can access programs requiring an internet connection.

External organizations who are renting our Labs may obtain temporary network access IDs from the Help Desk at the start of the course requiring access to any of the above programs. These IDs will be issued only for the duration of the course and allow for network access only. Two weeks notice is required.

Reservation General Information

The instructor is responsible for the lab during the reserved time. If the lab space is not fully utilized during the specific reservation, it is at the discretion of the instructor to allow other students in. During reserved times for specific student groups, unused workstations should be available for general usage. Students are expected to vacate the workstation if requested by an instructor or by a student during reserved lab times. Sponsors are encouraged to reserve only the time they require, leaving as much time as possible for general usage.

Reservation Charges

Lab use rates apply as follows and are subject to change:

University Courses (GFC Approved)
No charge for use of labs unless additional software or rentals are required.

Other Educational Institutions:
1 day = $500/day; 3-5 days = $400/day; 1 week+ = $350/day***

Other External Organizations
1 day = $1000/day; 3-5 days = $800/day; 1 week+ = $700/day***

*** plus $89 per hour for software installation and removal, $89 per hour for onsite analyst presence, $55 per hour for onsite technician presence

Priority Reservations

Reservations are accepted in the following priority:

  1. Lab Sponsors for 75 percent of prime time (between 8:00 am and and 5:00 pm Monday to Friday.
  2. Other University departments/faculties/additional sponsor requests
  3. Students’ Union
  4. Non-university use (special use only; cannot interfere with academic courses)

Exam Reservations

When making your reservations, please specify which of the reserved times will be used for exams. When possible, we will reserve time for hardware and software maintenance prior to the exam. Every effort will be made to ensure that the lab(s) are operational for your exam. We advise that you are responsible for testing the specific software needed in the lab at least a week prior to the exam; report any problems to us immediately. It is recommended that you develop a back up method for your exam in case unforeseen circumstances develop.

Reservation Deadlines

Reservation requests may be submitted at any time; however confirmation will not be given until after the deadline dates for sponsor priority reservations. These deadline dates are:

  • Fall Session Deadline: First week of July
  • Winter Session Deadline: First week of November
  • Spring Session Deadline: First week of March
  • Summer Session Deadline: First week of May


Policies and Procedures for Lab Software

The instructor is responsible for checking that the reserved lab has the required software installed. Any request for software installation must be made at least two weeks prior to the reserved time (one month for September start of class installs) Failure to provide adequate notice may delay installation and result in the faculty/department being charged an installation fee of $89 per hour for overtime costs. Please note that installation of any beta, trial, or demo software is not allowed. Free that does not expire is allowed.

The software provided in each lab falls into three categories:

  • standard (base) software such as word processing, spreadsheet and Internet applications
  • sponsor software
  • special request software

Standard Lab Software

The current standard software set for all our maintained labs is:

  • MS Office 2007
  • Internet Explorer, Firefox, SPSS, various plug-ins

This software standard is reviewed annually with the new standard set in March. The new standard is implemented in new labs as they become operational. Existing labs are upgraded over the Spring and Summer sessions.

Sponsor Software

Sponsor software is installed for the instructional needs of the sponsoring faculty/department. The sponsor is financially responsible for the purchase and operating cost of the software, and it is installed and upgraded by us upon appropriate notice from the lab sponsor.

Special Request Software

If specific software is needed for a lab session, the software media and proof of licence for all stations in the lab must be delivered to the Lab Coordinator at Information Services & Technology, 1-03 N, General Services Building, at least two weeks in advance of the reservation date. Install instructions, software codes and related contact information should be included with the media and license. URLs should be downloaded onto media. Failure to provide any of the above in advance may delay the installation and/or may result in an installation fee as stated above.

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